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Ooblies Waffle Food Truck 

( Pronounced oo-blee ) is a waffle made sandwich. Our waffle has a Light crispy crunch, the fluffiness of a cloud and a buttery flavor; it’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and even those late night cravings. Choose between a Sweet or Savory waffle sandwich, it doesn't matter because Happiness is inside every one! Some may call us mad, some may call us genius, but we just call ourselves Wafflers of Awesomeness! Find the bright orange Food truck, go on a food adventure and see that happiness, truly is in the fold!


So you see, here at Ooblies Waffle Food truck we are not just making some of the best sandwiches ever, we are also making a form of art! Each Sandwich is hand-crafted with an artistic touch and delivered to your drooling mouth with tender loving care. We do not recommend nailing it to your living room wall though!

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According to Larousse Gastronomique, the ancient Greeks (1100 B.C.E. to 146 B.C.E.) made wafer like waffles called obleios and the people who made them were called obloyeurs. The wafers were cooked by pouring a batter mixture onto one heated plate and then setting another heated plate on top of that. These wafers were not exactly the waffles you think of today, but they created the foundation from which modern day waffles were born. We derived Ooblies (Pronounced oo-blees) from obleios/obloyeurs and since it's a word we created, we say Ooblies means Waffle Sandwich! So why did we pick Ooblie's as compared to many other names such as the illustrious Two Jerks and a Waffle or Waffletastic? Well three reasons why, first it was derived from the Greek word for the wafers called obleios that helped create waffles and our family is part Greek, so that's a big point for family heritage booyah! Second, it makes the sound ooo like " OOOO That's good" and our Waffles tend to leave that impression on everyone who tries them, Loved it! Third....well you know that googly eyed looking things people text to each other? You know this guy ---> 0_o Well we liked how if you added a little line underneath Ooblie, it looked like a smiling googly eyed dude and that pretty much sealed the deal​

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At Ooblies, we are alway striving to improve and bring you the best waffles and service ever! Without your loving help, we wouldn't be what we are today, so If you have a moment please let us know how we're a waffling ^_^

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11 am - 4 pm 

325 S. Riverside Ave



11 am - 4 pm

325 S. Riverside Ave



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